A Love Letter for the End of the World

A Multimedia, Semi-Autobiographical Film about Climate Change (May/2018)

"All the same that one day should follow another; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; that one should wake up in the morning; see the sky; walk in the park; meet [a friend], then suddenly [an old lover]; then the roses; it was enough. After that, how unbelievable death was! That it must end, and no one in the whole world would know how she had loved it all; how every instant..."

~Virginia Woolf (1925). Mrs Dalloway.

Features, Awards & Press:

  • Feature in Full Bleed Online Literary Journal (May 2018)

  • Featured film in MICA Animation Festival (May 2018)

  • Official Selection of Newark International Film Festival ( Sept 8 2018)

  • Official Selection & Nominee for Best Animation: Little Wings Film Festival (Sept 2 2018)

  • Official Selection of Push! Film Festival (Oct 2018)

  • 3rd Place Animated Film International Green Film Festival (Oct 2018)

  • Official Selection of Green Screen Environmental Film Festival (T&T) (Nov 2018)

  • Semi-Finalist LA CineFest

  • Official Selection Alexandria film festival (Nov 2018)

  • Official Selection Visionaria film festival (Nov 2018)

  • Official Selection Independent Talents International Film Fest (Nov 2018)

  • Animation Semi-Finalist in Alternative Film Fest, Toronto. (Winter 2018)

  • Official Selection of Independent Star Film Fest (Jan 2019)

  • Official Selection of MICE festival ( Feb 2019)

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ from the UK Film Review

  • Official Selection of Coven Film Fest ( Feb 2019)

  • Interview in We Are Moving Images (Feb 2019)

  • Official Selection of Oneota Film Festival (Mar 2019)

  • Official Selection of Sweaty Eyeballs Film Fest (to be screened Oct 2019)


"That My Parents met..."


Concept Art

This shot was concieved in claymation, with the idea that red and yellow graphs would somehow turn to fire, and overwhelm the scene.


This sequence took 5 hours to shoot, and is approximately 120 frames.


In Camera Shot

The shot was done on the multiplane. Instead of line graphs, red dots appear on the screen, becoming bar graphs, which look like candles, and eventually become a circle of flame that engulfs the globe.